About Ash Tree Homes

We are a Fresno, CA based Real Estate Investment company we buy, lease and/or resell single family homes in the Central California area. We know all facets of the Central California Real Estate Market well. We have been working closely with Real Estate Brokers & Agents, Contractors, Title Companies, Inspectors and many others all from our local area; we have our business down to a science. We believe in staying close to home where we know the terrain and the people to get the job done right the first time and on schedule. If you’re looking to invest in the Central California Real Estate Market, there is no one better suited to get you the ROI your hard earned money deserves without the risks involved with doing it yourself or with some fly by night company.

We have built our company over the years on a Solid Foundation of Honesty, Integrity and Sound Business Practices. We believe in working closely with our investors ensuring long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

We are currently looking for a handful of investors that we can work with for years to come. With us you can rest assured that your money is working for you at a very high rate and is backed in full by a low loan to value (70%) First Deed of Trust…… a real piece of property you can see and touch. It is our mission to buy and/or sell at least one piece of property every day. Our team has the experience and drive, with the added benefit of private lender funding this mission will become a reality. As we build our business to new heights your investment capital will swell, as We Profit You Profit. We welcome you to come to our office, meet with our team and become part of the family. Come build with us ….see you soon.